25 by Piero LeBufi Collection curated by pierolebufi

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  • 25 artifacts on display [view all]
    25, the complete collection by the artist Piero LeBufi. However, he doesn't consider himself an artist, he is an explorer who explores art through colour and this is what he has named Chromart. Piero comes up with ideas or perspectives involving colourful contrasts to show everyone how can life be expressed in these different colours. Piero LeBufi Collection hopes to expand around the world his view on this particular style of artistic expression. You may or you may not like his paintings, but he invites everyone to observe and admire the colour that surrounds your everyday life. Some colours might cheer you up, while others might bring you down. This contrast in the world around us and his paintings themselves try to make you aware of the huge impact colour has on us.



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